One of my favorite quotes from Grease is  “the rules are, There ain’t no rules” said by a rough looking Leo, Danny Zuko’s nemesis before the big car race as Sandy watches on before going to get changed into her sexy leather look. (Rule number one. Never think you can pull that look off! ) However you can’t always get by living with no rules or nothing to check back on as your go about your life, we all have morals, tactics and rules.   I don’t know about you but I have certain rules I like to live by.… View Post

All you need is 4 beauty products, some chlorine and some salt water… What I love the summer is how much I save on beauty products once my skin has slightly darkened, the freckles are out and I get a healthy glow. (Still wearing factor 50 kids!) I’m luckily enough to not feel too self conscious without make up, I think I have just got to the point in life where I don’t care what other people think of my face.  In the last year my skin has developed to be fairly spot prone, and every time I get them they… View Post

The end of summer was approaching and with it the weather was changing. Thunderstorms and downpours were becoming a daily weather forecast and the lack of switching off when the working day should be over since I had gone freelance was taking its toll on my brain. It was because of this new career move to be freelance that I had put off the idea of a summer holiday. Choosing to build my client list and work as much as possible to support myself instead of getting a tan. However when the offer came about at the beginning of september… View Post

  The months of freedom, the months of barbecues, playing out, picnics, flowers. The months go faster though the days longer and suddenly everywhere looks more beautiful then it did before.  The weddings come around and your news feed is filled with hot dog legs as people holiday in destinations you wish you had flights to.  Your grateful for the cool breeze that sweeps past you, as you stroll around town, hot town – summer in the city. You sit on a chair outside your favourite cafe and look up to the sky with your eyes closed to feel the… View Post