… They haven’t realised they NEED me yet.. Simple. When I graduated I moved down to London with a portfolio, naivety and a goal. To get my work in Vogue. I had spent the last 19 years of my life studying had built up a pretty good portfolio that I was super proud of and was ready to be the next Tim Walker. I emailed them once… I wrote to them twice, I emailed again. I stood outside Conde Nast waiting to bump into someone important, all that and still no monthly centrefold feature. Whats a gal gotta do? It… View Post

So.. We are one week in… How are you feeling? Broken some New Year’s resolutions already? Already put the juicer back in the cupboard? Not exercised quite as much as you thought you would? Haha yep! Me too! It started off as quite a strange beginning to the week. I was struck with a nervousness. I felt anxious about the year ahead, about everything I wanted to happen. I was putting so much pressure on myself and forgetting that I was actually only 2 days in and its not all going to happen all at once! Over the holidays I… View Post