There comes an age where you start to notice that, although you clearly still have great style, your choices are becoming a little more… well .. practical?  Where I would have once braved the harsh northern temperatures in a dress which looked more like a T shirt. I now like to wear multiple layers of vests, t shirts, long sleeved tees, jumpers and hoodies. So many layers in fact that my boyfriend often wonders if I’m even under all that clothing.  This year I collected a fair few wonderful jumpers. Jumpers which allow me to wear many layers underneath… View Post

Hello and happy Friday!  welcome to the start of a new series. Fashion Friday! Every Friday I will be posting an editorial from a recent shoot to inspire you over the weekend, so be sure to bookmark my blog so that you can pop back easily to check out some of my latest editorials.    This weeks editorial was shot in my studio in the afternoon which created this lovely slightly golden hue. I don’t know why but I am so attracted to beige at the moment! So much that it made me want to shoot something really neutral using mainly this… View Post

This is Elaine who is signed with Savalas Models. A delightful chatter box with a refreshing personality she came to my studio one morning for some new polaroids. While she was here- we decided to do a quick test. You might have seen this style of portrait used by the likes of Tim Walker.  A white table with a white background Tim’s are much brighter and often have crazy props like smoking tea pots and such. I decided I wanted to strip this look back to basics and I think the simplicity of the image compliments her and creates a really striking image. … View Post

      Sitting in a cafe just off oxford street in London I’m wondering why I ever left this place. As I got off the train at Euston, wondered down to the tube, sat swaying with the movement of the carriages. I looked around me and remembered all the times I had got the tube to work or to meet friends. It was part of my everyday routine. Watching other people go about their day, noticing everything going on.  Admittedly in the summer- rush hour tube travel was not ideal. Getting my face pushed into someones sweaty back whilst… View Post