I have recently learnt the difference between and IPA and OPI. I know. Genius. My love of craft beer has grown over the last year and I had a great time photographing Indy Man Beer Con over the weekend. An event held in Victoria Baths in Manchester, where thousands of beer lovers flock to try an extensive range of breweries over the 5 days that the event is held. My boyfriend did 4 days worth.. Pretty safe to say he wasn’t feeling too fresh on Monday. It was great to meet everyone there. Such a friendly and fun atmosphere. Here are some of the pictures I got over the two days that I was photographing for Indy Man Beer Con   20161008-img_774420161008-img_774620161008-img_775320161008-img_779520161008-img_783220161008-img_784220161008-img_786720161008-img_787920161008-img_788020161008-img_793520161008-img_805120161008-img_814120161008-img_816720161008-img_818220161008-img_819620161008-img_820420161008-img_821820161008-img_822020161008-img_822120161008-img_824120161008-img_826320161009-img_837320161009-img_837720161009-img_839420161009-img_841720161009-img_842120161009-img_843420161009-img_845020161009-img_847520161009-img_852420161009-img_853920161009-img_855120161009-img_855820161009-img_856120161009-img_858020161009-img_858620161009-img_860820161009-img_863820161009-img_864220161009-img_867320161009-img_8701

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