In New York!

These boots were made for walking…

OK, so we were not actually in New York (I wish) but don’t you think that these pictures have a very New York – ish vibe to them. Having said that I have never actually been there so wouldn’t know but this is what I imagine it to look like! This is the gorgeous Sindy from (formally Article 21) with her gorgeous, new blonde hair! I don’t know how she does it but what ever she wears, it just looks awesome. If I wore this outfit I would look like a wierdo trying to be hip and trendy, yes exactly I used the word hip and trendy, Sindy however pulls it off with an effortless cool. Perhaps it is the confidence that comes with her personality. She owns this look and doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

As we were shooting some builders decided to pull up, jump out their truck and start drilling a hole in on the road we were shooting on. After a few eye rolls as we shouted at each other over the noise WHAT SHALL WE DO? We decided to continue. The dust from the drilling created this amazing smoke effect which I think is what make the pictures look as if we were in the streets of New York. Sometimes unfortunate moments can actually make a photo, and this is what I love about photography.

Love those locks!

Photography – Rosie Butcher

Blogger Featured – Sindy Kai

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