ahhhh Dublin….. We had half an hour till our lunch¬†reservation, so after a little stroll we hung outside a wine bar we thought looked nice. Trying to spot the first signs of someone about to get up and leave so we could sit down in one of the few spaces available. ¬†A man on one of the tables got up and asked if we could like a table. He then went in to the shop next door, came out with two chairs and placed them in front of the shop in the sun, and walked in to the bar. The… View Post

The look on your friends face when she realises that the black bit which runs along the back of a prawn is actually there intestine.. so it is actually prawn poo, so you are basically just eating poo as prawns are pretty small..  is absolutely priceless. I’ve never seen someone look so disgusted. I’ve never seen someone toss something away from them so fast. Then the look of horror as she realised she has already eaten quite a few from our mound of paella. Marbella is like a second home to me. Having been there every year since I was… View Post

Valencia is a magical city. As I walked into the big square which is home to the cathedral, cute cafes and a water fountain. I had to take a moment to myself to take it all in. Valencia is the kind of city you can wonder for hours and around every corner you will find something new. At the end of ally ways you uncover beautiful churches, friendly cafes, shops filled with white lace. It really is beautiful. Valencia is famous for there paella which I think I ate for every meal. Traditional Valencian paella is made of rabbit and… View Post