This was a quick outfit shot for Sophia. I have never worn a jumpsuit in my life! HOWEVER… This look made me consider looking at the options out there. It most certainly would help to get me out of jeans which I live in! Sophia’s Blog can be found here – Sophia Rosemary If you are a looking for a photographer for blog photography, events, lifestyle imagery or lookbooks send me an email at Look forward to hearing from you !    

  KNITWEAR ENVY! Is there anything better then a chunky knit?  I know I have told you about my love of chunky knits and how I wear them until it is far to hot… see the post here. As someone who is constantly cold I depend on them. When Samio turned up in this beauty I was asking where it was from before she had even taken her coat off! We shot this in Manchester, just down from deansgate where it looks as if someone has plonked a little bit of London in our city. I seem to be shooting regularly… View Post

This shoot with Samio was so much fun. What I love about photographing with different bloggers is that its always such a chatty shoot, you can talk about ideas, aspirations, people you’ve met, and locations you’ve found. Samio is charming, super smiley and has a little buzz of life about her. I already cant wait to shoot with her again!! Here is a link to her Blog . These images feature in a post about prioritising time, something I’m pretty sure we all need to do so go and check it out! You can also catch Samio on youtube ! Personally… View Post

    How far in to the year is it acceptable to wear a chunky knit, because personally… I can’t take mine off. We are coming up to this in between stage in the fashion calendart the days are getting warmer, yet my chunky knits are still the first thing I reach for in the morning. They have become a staple in my winter wardrobe and at the moment I can’t let them go. So just how far in to the year can we go until we have to put our jumpers away and start getting out our mid season items.… View Post

& Other Stories…. or just “Stories” for the cool kids. What a store. I fell in love since the first moment I walked in to the Bond Street store, it must have been three years ago now. Their clean minimal style with a splash of pastel colours and great font was a delight for my eyes (Yes thats right I appreciated even their font.) The unique patterns on the clothing mixed with your basic black, white and greys. It is now the store in everyones conversations, there is a hype round it with every one proudly spreading the word about… View Post