[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Content. How do you create yours? Sometimes I feel like everyone’s is so similar, there seems to be a winning recipe that people tend to follow to gain the likes / followers. My feed used to be full of the same images all by different people. It was boring. So I had a bit of a spring clean and left myself with only the people who I feel are doing something different and producing images I felt inspired by. They were doing something to put themselves on the map in their own way.  Every now and then I will… View Post

  Whoever knew that you could look so cool by just standing next to a tree?! Klaudia from J’adore models based in Manchester, pulls off this look with ease. I was quite impressed how she managed to look effortlessly cool in pretty much every outfit she had on. That is the thing with models, they some how manage to make everything look good… We didn’t have a stylist for this shoot so Klaudia had kindly gone on a shopping spree the day before and pulled some looks together. Some of the stuff she hadn’t even tried on but she said… View Post