Sitting in a cafe just off oxford street in London I’m wondering why I ever left this place. As I got off the train at Euston, wondered down to the tube, sat swaying with the movement of the carriages. I looked around me and remembered all the times I had got the tube to work or to meet friends. It was part of my everyday routine. Watching other people go about their day, noticing everything going on.  Admittedly in the summer- rush hour tube travel was not ideal. Getting my face pushed into someones sweaty back whilst… View Post

Well well well…. Hello guys!   In this part of my space on the internet I shall be starting a bit of a dear diary. Yes that’s right, I’m going to step away from the pen and paper and come online instead.   So in a week where there was a royal engagement and Toff was voted queen of the jungle and there was a whole lotta snow!  I was running to and from London, Coventry and London and back.   Monday-   I woke up and reached for day 4 of my advent calendar. Ive noticed a lot of… View Post

One of my favorite quotes from Grease is  “the rules are, There ain’t no rules” said by a rough looking Leo, Danny Zuko’s nemesis before the big car race as Sandy watches on before going to get changed into her sexy leather look. (Rule number one. Never think you can pull that look off! ) However you can’t always get by living with no rules or nothing to check back on as your go about your life, we all have morals, tactics and rules.   I don’t know about you but I have certain rules I like to live by.… View Post

All you need is 4 beauty products, some chlorine and some salt water… What I love the summer is how much I save on beauty products once my skin has slightly darkened, the freckles are out and I get a healthy glow. (Still wearing factor 50 kids!) I’m luckily enough to not feel too self conscious without make up, I think I have just got to the point in life where I don’t care what other people think of my face.  In the last year my skin has developed to be fairly spot prone, and every time I get them they… View Post