Sitting on the green outside my apartment, it was a lovely day so I thought I’d do some work outside and catch a tan (- I’m multitasker see.) When a guy came over, sat down , pulled out a cigarette and started to smoke about two meters away from me…I rolled my eyes and looked around at the vast green space around us and wondered why he couldn’t have sat somewhere else or at least slightly further away. Two hours and a half hours later I am so glad he did not. I’ve said before how much I enjoy it… View Post

When I was young we would have annual family trips to Spain. We would spend our days running around in the sun, not a care in the world. That is until we got a mozzy bite or a sting. Mum would quickly cut of a bit of the stem from an Aloe Vera plant and we would put the watery goodness that came out of it on any bites, stretches, bruises or burnt skin and it magically made it better! So last week when I was faced with a giant massive huge spot called Brenda right in the middle of… View Post

OMG – I BECAME A REAL LIFE FAIRY GODMOTHER! The event “The fairy godmothers of fashion”, hosted by Allied London was to launch The Old Granada studio space, which is based in Manchester. ( The old Coronation street studios don’t you know)  In only 3 hours we took a product by Rosie Dobby, an emerging designer, and created a brand.  Each fairy godmother had a different skill from identity to styling to marketing and PR, not for getting photography by yours truly and helped to mould Rosie’s ideas into a strong brand ready to go. Each of us talked through our process to… View Post

  …Or just glastonbury?   Summer is all about the festivals. Is it even summer if you don’t get drunk in a field listening to your favorite bands? Whether you are glamping at Glastonbury, Loving life at Love Box, feeling sassy at SW4 or feeling more Field Day. The one thing that is for sure is that you want to be looking like the top festival goer! Here is where I can help… A couple of weeks ago I was in the studio shooting for Nasty Gal, it was here that the most sparkley, glitterly, stand out, look how cool I… View Post

The mind is a powerful thing. I often find myself having deja vu, how does deja vu even work? I get it all the time. Sometimes someone will come in to my mind randomly, and then a few days later I will bump in to them. Why is this? In a recent conversation I asked Tom a very important question… “Do you think if we both couldn’t speak we would be able to communicate or just know what each other is thinking?” “Of course” he replied. I too believe that we probably could. There are so many times when we… View Post