This shoot with Samio was so much fun. What I love about photographing with different bloggers is that its always such a chatty shoot, you can talk about ideas, aspirations, people you’ve met, and locations you’ve found. Samio is charming, super smiley and has a little buzz of life about her. I already cant wait to shoot with her again!! Here is a link to her Blog . These images feature in a post about prioritising time, something I’m pretty sure we all need to do so go and check it out! You can also catch Samio on youtube ! Personally… View Post

I can’t remember how I stumbled across Sophia’s blog. Probably on a week day night whist sat in front of the TV, scrolling through Instagram’s explore page. Something I’m asking myself a lot these days is what makes people stop on a page and decide to follow it? Is it their perfect little squares all colour co ordinated? Is it that I think they are prettier than me? Is it that I like the look of their life over mine? There are a lot of Instagram’s out there now which show a life style living in white rooms with marble counters,… View Post

I had the pleasure of meeting Sophia from the blog, Sophia Rosemary to take some photos for her.. see her “With Tangerine coats and Marmalade skies” post here Deciding the look for the day had a great 60s vibe. We set out to find a record store. Sophia had walked passed Clampdown Record Store on her way to meet me and found an absolute gem. The guy in the stop was great, letting us take photos and helping us to pick out records. Just around the corner from Piccadilly is is a great place to pop in to find records or… View Post