The months of freedom, the months of barbecues, playing out, picnics, flowers. The months go faster though the days longer and suddenly everywhere looks more beautiful then it did before.  The weddings come around and your news feed is filled with hot dog legs as people holiday in destinations you wish you had flights to.  Your grateful for the cool breeze that sweeps past you, as you stroll around town, hot town – summer in the city. You sit on a chair outside your favourite cafe and look up to the sky with your eyes closed to feel the… View Post

Yes that’s right. This picture was taken on 11th July. The height of summer. When the sun shines, the days are long, the evenings are hot, the birds are singing and we’ve all shaved our legs. OH WAIT. I live in Manchester. And although I think for us, we have been having a pretty good summer. We have had at least 8 days of pure sunshine goodness. The weather man lied and on the day I arranged to do a summery test shoot. It rained pretty much all day. In two minds to cancel it I decided not to and… View Post

Golden hour. That magical time of the day (when its sunny) when the sun is low in the sky, the temperature in the air is cooling and a golden glow is cast over everything the light touches. This is one of my favorite times to shoot- scroll down to see why! Lara and I had been wanting to shoot together for ages after following each other on Instagram for months.  One sunny afternoon in Manchester, after I had been in a dark studio all day I thought to myself, its just too nice not to shoot outside. So I messaged… View Post

OMG – I BECAME A REAL LIFE FAIRY GODMOTHER! The event “The fairy godmothers of fashion”, hosted by Allied London was to launch The Old Granada studio space, which is based in Manchester. ( The old Coronation street studios don’t you know)  In only 3 hours we took a product by Rosie Dobby, an emerging designer, and created a brand.  Each fairy godmother had a different skill from identity to styling to marketing and PR, not for getting photography by yours truly and helped to mould Rosie’s ideas into a strong brand ready to go. Each of us talked through our process to… View Post