…Or just glastonbury?   Summer is all about the festivals. Is it even summer if you don’t get drunk in a field listening to your favorite bands? Whether you are glamping at Glastonbury, Loving life at Love Box, feeling sassy at SW4 or feeling more Field Day. The one thing that is for sure is that you want to be looking like the top festival goer! Here is where I can help… A couple of weeks ago I was in the studio shooting for Nasty Gal, it was here that the most sparkley, glitterly, stand out, look how cool I… View Post

  Whoever knew that you could look so cool by just standing next to a tree?! Klaudia from J’adore models based in Manchester, pulls off this look with ease. I was quite impressed how she managed to look effortlessly cool in pretty much every outfit she had on. That is the thing with models, they some how manage to make everything look good… We didn’t have a stylist for this shoot so Klaudia had kindly gone on a shopping spree the day before and pulled some looks together. Some of the stuff she hadn’t even tried on but she said… View Post

    Those brows and that statement hair cut.. say hello to Chloe Bell! The gorgeous Chloe, who is signed with J'adore models popped over to my flat for a quick test one spring afternoon. I am lucky that my apartment is just big enough to fit a couple of lights and background in comfortably to can double up as a home/ studio and can become a pretty good base for the odd test shoot.       Chloe has a super cool youtube channel where you can enjoy watching her lifestyle, see her tips on vegan eating and travel with her.… View Post

I had the pleasure of meeting Sophia from the blog, Sophia Rosemary to take some photos for her.. see her “With Tangerine coats and Marmalade skies” post here Deciding the look for the day had a great 60s vibe. We set out to find a record store. Sophia had walked passed Clampdown Record Store on her way to meet me and found an absolute gem. The guy in the stop was great, letting us take photos and helping us to pick out records. Just around the corner from Piccadilly is is a great place to pop in to find records or… View Post