There comes an age where you start to notice that, although you clearly still have great style, your choices are becoming a little more… well .. practical?  Where I would have once braved the harsh northern temperatures in a dress which looked more like a T shirt. I now like to wear multiple layers of vests, t shirts, long sleeved tees, jumpers and hoodies. So many layers in fact that my boyfriend often wonders if I’m even under all that clothing.  This year I collected a fair few wonderful jumpers. Jumpers which allow me to wear many layers underneath… View Post

This is Elaine who is signed with Savalas Models. A delightful chatter box with a refreshing personality she came to my studio one morning for some new polaroids. While she was here- we decided to do a quick test. You might have seen this style of portrait used by the likes of Tim Walker.  A white table with a white background Tim’s are much brighter and often have crazy props like smoking tea pots and such. I decided I wanted to strip this look back to basics and I think the simplicity of the image compliments her and creates a really striking image. … View Post