The end of summer was approaching and with it the weather was changing. Thunderstorms and downpours were becoming a daily weather forecast and the lack of switching off when the working day should be over since I had gone freelance was taking its toll on my brain. It was because of this new career move to be freelance that I had put off the idea of a summer holiday. Choosing to build my client list and work as much as possible to support myself instead of getting a tan. However when the offer came about at the beginning of september… View Post

  The trouble with art is not everyone gets it.   Some look at what is in front of them, studying the large sweeping brush strokes, the tiny details, the exquisite way wire has bent and twisted to make a form, they look at the frame and the perfect height the piece was hung up with such care, they even look notice the way the hand painted eyes follow you around the room. And then comes the… “I don’t get it”   Art isn’t for everyone.   My boyfriend can only find interest in art by walking around and how… View Post

  …Or just glastonbury?   Summer is all about the festivals. Is it even summer if you don’t get drunk in a field listening to your favorite bands? Whether you are glamping at Glastonbury, Loving life at Love Box, feeling sassy at SW4 or feeling more Field Day. The one thing that is for sure is that you want to be looking like the top festival goer! Here is where I can help… A couple of weeks ago I was in the studio shooting for Nasty Gal, it was here that the most sparkley, glitterly, stand out, look how cool I… View Post