I had turned up later then I wanted.  It felt like turning up too fashionably late. There were signs a lot of people had been there. There was more people then usual mulling around. A small crowd was still gathered by the memorial outside the “Hogwarts Building”. I walked over and stood silently with my thoughts. Giving a small portion of my day to remember the people who died for us, trying to imagine what they had been through, which put the troubles in my life in to perspective. Realising I was a bit too late, I mooched over to… View Post

  I have recently learnt the difference between and IPA and OPI. I know. Genius. My love of craft beer has grown over the last year and I had a great time photographing Indy Man Beer Con over the weekend. An event held in Victoria Baths in Manchester, where thousands of beer lovers flock to try an extensive range of breweries over the 5 days that the event is held. My boyfriend did 4 days worth.. Pretty safe to say he wasn’t feeling too fresh on Monday. It was great to meet everyone there. Such a friendly and fun atmosphere.… View Post

“HE’S MUGGING US!!” “MY PANTS ARE DOWN!.” ….What an earth was going on I hear you ask? Ever heard of European sharking? Yes apparently its an actual thing. Men in Europe (Not all of them I’m sure) partake in an activity in which they pull down women’s trousers/ pants and run off. Its slightly ruder then that but I think you get the point.  There we were, 4 of us. Stood trying to remember the code to get in to our weekend apartment. I saw a man crouching down, I grabbed Becci closer to me and shouted he’s mugging us!… View Post

ahhhh Dublin….. We had half an hour till our lunch reservation, so after a little stroll we hung outside a wine bar we thought looked nice. Trying to spot the first signs of someone about to get up and leave so we could sit down in one of the few spaces available.  A man on one of the tables got up and asked if we could like a table. He then went in to the shop next door, came out with two chairs and placed them in front of the shop in the sun, and walked in to the bar. The… View Post

Fed up of Avocado for breakfast? I have an idea.. Walking in the fresh autumn morning, a warm paper bag in my hand. There is something I love and find so humbling about heading out first thing on a Saturday to go and collect a loaf 28hr sour loaf, chocolate croissants and whatever else I cant resist buying for us to try. Its one of my life simple pleasures. Bread butter and Jam is one of my favorite eats but sadly the bread doesn’t seem to last any longer the weekend as it is simply irresistible. I am lucky enough to… View Post