It has become apparent that there is an art to over sharing. It is a skill which barely any over 25s, hardly any over 30s have, few over 50s have and practically no over 70s have. If you look at the younger generation, snapping a quick selfie and sharing where they are, who they’re with, what they’re doing, what they’re eating and how they are feeling is nothing and what’s more, most of them do it with a cool filter, nice makeup and a new outfit making you look at yourself in the mirror and think … oh, maybe I should have made more of an effort today… View Post

  The trouble with art is not everyone gets it.   Some look at what is in front of them, studying the large sweeping brush strokes, the tiny details, the exquisite way wire has bent and twisted to make a form, they look at the frame and the perfect height the piece was hung up with such care, they even look notice the way the hand painted eyes follow you around the room. And then comes the… “I don’t get it”   Art isn’t for everyone.   My boyfriend can only find interest in art by walking around and how… View Post

Yes that’s right. This picture was taken on 11th July. The height of summer. When the sun shines, the days are long, the evenings are hot, the birds are singing and we’ve all shaved our legs. OH WAIT. I live in Manchester. And although I think for us, we have been having a pretty good summer. We have had at least 8 days of pure sunshine goodness. The weather man lied and on the day I arranged to do a summery test shoot. It rained pretty much all day. In two minds to cancel it I decided not to and… View Post

Sitting on the green outside my apartment, it was a lovely day so I thought I’d do some work outside and catch a tan (- I’m multitasker see.) When a guy came over, sat down , pulled out a cigarette and started to smoke about two meters away from me…I rolled my eyes and looked around at the vast green space around us and wondered why he couldn’t have sat somewhere else or at least slightly further away. Two hours and a half hours later I am so glad he did not. I’ve said before how much I enjoy it… View Post

When I was young we would have annual family trips to Spain. We would spend our days running around in the sun, not a care in the world. That is until we got a mozzy bite or a sting. Mum would quickly cut of a bit of the stem from an Aloe Vera plant and we would put the watery goodness that came out of it on any bites, stretches, bruises or burnt skin and it magically made it better! So last week when I was faced with a giant massive huge spot called Brenda right in the middle of… View Post