Model: Emma Lucy Walker . Photography Rosie Butcher I have been watching the crown and whist I started off watching “Victoria” and wondering when an an earth our Queen Elizabeth was going to appear in it, luckily a friend set me back on track and let me know I was watching the wrong program.   The crown is fantastic. I am enjoying it very much so. I am currently tucked up under the duvet on episode 9 season one. This episode focuses on Winston Churchill’s retirement. I’m sorry to say I don’t actually know that much about him (I did actually get an… View Post

    It was Wednesday, the sun was shining, it was a lovely coincidence that Tom and I were both off on the same day and just as I was putting on my make up, the phone rang… It was our estate agent. “I’m sure I mentioned this to you before christmas..”  She hadn’t. “ The landlord has decided to sell and the flat will be going on the market on Friday”   Now I’m not sure if it suddenly started pouring with rain outside or if it was just the tears pouring from my eyes but I did not… View Post

Pamper nights- The one night of the week where I took time for myself, treated myself to a magazine, boiling hot long bath, sat with a face mask on and generally just preened and pampered myself all night pretty much every Thursday. By simply taking the time to take some time for myself, it somehow revived my self confidence and made me feel like an absolute goddess at least for the next couple of days or until I repeated the pampering again the following week. At some point over the last year I had stopped treating myself to this night… View Post