Last week I was walking through Manchester with Tom when I got handed a flyer. My usual reaction is to put my hand up in a stop like motion, smile and kindly reject the flyer they are trying to hand me. Who needs more rubbish to carry around with them?   This one however I did, I took it, I looked down and thought ooo that looks interesting. I showed Tom who replied with, “You won’t want to go to that will you?” “YES I WIll!” I replied.   7 STORIES   Stories of Success. Of hope. Of Triumph through… View Post

  Ok so the title might make this post sound a more serious than it actually is.. It's basically a list of where I go to find inspiration.  They are places which never fail me. A few months ago I was feeling slightly uninspired. I had ideas in my head but wasn't sure how to execute them properly or well... The more this went on, the more I felt stuck in a bit of a creative rut. To help me get out of this rut and back on to my creative horse I decided to make a list of all… View Post

    I was sat in a small pokey office in uni at the age of 20.. My brain was feeling good, I was pretty sure I had managed to cure myself of dyslexia but the thought of a free laptop, was too good to miss, so I had decided to take the dyslexia assessment just incase. (At the time a free laptop was part of the support if you had dyslexia). I had already taken a test when I was about 10 but apparently that didn't count any more so I had to do the dreaded thing again. I… View Post